24.1205 Director-Rule-making authority.

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The Director is authorized, after due notice to adopt appropriate rules as necessary for the enforcement and administration of this chapter, including but not limited to rules providing for:

(1) the collection, examination, and reporting of samples of pesticides or devices under this act;

(2) the safe handling, transportation, storage, display, distribution, and disposal of pesticide and their containers;

(3) labeling requirements of all pesticides distributed in American Samoa under this chapter, provided that such rules may not impose any requirements for federally registered pesticides in addition to or different from those required pursuant to FIFRA, unless previously approved by EPA;

(4) determining which pesticides with restricted uses may be distributed only by authorized pesticide dealers;

(5) prescribing methods to be used in the application of pesticides where the Director finds that the rules are necessary to carry out the purpose and intent of this chapter;

(6) the registration of pesticides used or distributed in American Samoa, consistent with § 24 of FIFRA;

(7) the issuance of experimental use permits for use of pesticides where necessary to gather information to support a registration, consistent with § 5 of FIFRA;

(8) establishment of procedures and standards of competency for the certification of pesticide applicators and of categories for certification of commercial applicators; and

(9) any other matters necessary to achieve the purposes of this act.

History: 1979, PL 16-5 1 § 1.