24.1206 Director-Rules-Labeling, registration, experimental, application.

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(a) For the purpose of uniformity and in order to enter into cooperative agreements, the Director may adopt rules in conformity with the primary pesticide standards, particularly as to labeling, registration requirements, and issuance of experimental use permits as established by EPA or other federal or state agencies.

(b) Rules adopted pursuant to paragraph (5) of 24.1205 may relate to the time, place, manner, methods, materials, and amounts and concentrations in connection with the application of the pesticide and may restrict or prohibit use of pesticides in designated areas during specified periods of time. These rules shall encompass all reasonable factors which the Director considers necessary to prevent damage or injury by drift or misapplication to plants, or wildlife on adjoining lands; fish and other aquatic life in waters in reasonable proximity to the area to be treated; and humans, animals, or beneficial in-sects. In adopting the rules the Director shall give consideration to pertinent research findings and recommendations of other agencies of the Territory, the Federal Government, or other reliable sources. The Director may, by rule, require that notice of a proposed application of a pesticide be given to landowners whose property is adjacent to the property to be treated or in the immediate vicinity of it, if he finds that the notice is necessary to carry out the purposes of this chapter.

History: 1979, PL I6-51 § 1.