24.1210 Standards of competency.

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(a) Standards of competency for the certification of pesticide applicators may relate to the use and handling of pesticides, or to the use and handling of the pesticide or class of pesticides covered by the individual’s certification, and shall be relative to the hazards involved. In determining standards, the Director shall consider the characteristics of the pesticide formulation such as: the acute dermal and inhalation toxicity; the persistence, mobility, and susceptibility to biological concentration; the use experience which may reflect an inherent misuse or an unexpected good safety information; the relative hazards of patterns of use such as granular soil applications, ultra low volume or dust aerial applications, or air blast sprayer applications; and the extent of the intended use.

(b) Standards of competency established by the Director under subsection (a) shall include at a minimum the standards established by EPA in federal regulations at 40 CFR 171 A-171.6, provided that the Director may omit the standards established for those federal commercial applicator categories which are not adopted by the Director.

History: 1979, PL 16-51 § 1.