24.1220 Certification-Suspension or revocation.

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The Director may suspend, pending inquiry, for not longer than 10 days and after opportunity for a hearing may deny, suspend, revoke, or modify any provision of any certification issued under this act if he finds that the applicant or the holder of a license, permit, or certification has been convicted or is subject to a final order imposing a civil penalty under §14, FIFRA, or has committed any of the following acts, each of which is declared to be a violation of this chapter. Any certified or uncertified person shall also be subject to the penalties provided for by 24.1233 for commission of any of the following acts:

(1) made false or fraudulent claims through any media representing the effect of pesticides or methods to be utilized;

(2) used a pesticide inconsistent with the labeling, the EPA or territory registration for that pesticide, or in violation of the EPA or territory restrictions on the use of that pesticide;

(3) applied known ineffective or improper pesticides;

(4) operated faulty or unsafe equipment;

(5) operated in a faulty, careless, or negligent manner:

(6) neglected or otherwise failed to comply with the provisions of this act, the rules adopted under it, or of any lawful order of the Director’s;

(7) refused or neglected to keep and maintain the records required by this chapter or to make reports when and as required;

(8) made false or fraudulent records, invoices, or reports;

(9) used, or supervised the use of, a restricted use pesticide without having qualified as a certified applicator according to 24.1212 through 24.1216;

(10) used fraud or misrepresentation in making an application for, or renewal of, a license, permit, or certification;

(11) failed to comply with any limitations or restrictions on or in a duly issued license, permit, or certification;

(12) aided or abetted a licensed or an unlicensed person to evade the provisions of this act, conspired with such a licensed or an unlicensed person to evade the provisions of this act, or allowed his license, permit, or certification to be used by another person;

(13) made false or misleading statements during or after an inspection concerning any in-festation or infection of pests found on land; or

(14) impersonated any federal, or territory inspector or official.

History: 1979, PL 16-51 § 1.