24.1221 Unlawful distributions.

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It is unlawful for any person to distribute in this territory any of the following:

(1) any pesticide if any of the claims made for it or any of the directions for its use or other labeling differs from the representations made in connection with its registration, or if the composition of a pesticide differs from its composition as represented in connection with its registration period if the change will not violate any provision of FIFRA or this act;

(2) any pesticide unless it is in the registrant’s or the manufacturer’s unbroken immediate container and there is affixed to the container, and to the outside container or wrapper of the retail package, if there is one through which the required information on the immediate container cannot be clearly read, a label bearing the information required by FIFRA and regulations issued under it or by the rules adopted under this chapter;

(3) any pesticide which has not been colored or discolored under § 25(c)(5) of FIFRA or rules adopted under this chapter;

(4) any pesticide in a container which, due to damage, is hazardous.

History: 1979, PL 16-51 § 1.