24.1222 Unlawful acts.

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It is unlawful for any person to:

(1) distribute any restricted use pesticide to any person who is not certified or under the direct supervision of an individual who is certified to use or purchase such pesticide; provided, that the Director may permit distribution to an uncertified individual for use by a certified applicator as authorized by FIFRA or EPA;

(2) detach, alter, deface, or destroy, wholly or in part, any label or labeling provided for in regulations adopted under this chapter, or to add any substance from, a pesticide in a manner that may defeat the purpose of this act or the rules adopted under it;

(3) handle, transport, store, display, or distribute pesticides in a manner so as to endanger man and his environment or to endanger food, feed, or any other products that may be transported, stored, displayed, or distributed with those pesticides;

(4) dispose of, discard, or store any pesticides or pesticide containers in a manner so as to cause injury to humans, vegetation, crops, livestock, wildlife, beneficial insects, or to pollute any water supply or waterway; and

(5) refuse or otherwise fail to comply with the provisions of this chapter, the rules adopted under it, or of any lawful order of the director.

History: 1979, PL 16-51 § 1.