24.1230 Information required on records.

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(a) Any distributor of pesticides may be required by the Director to keep accurate records containing the following:

(1) the delivery, movement, or holding of any pesticide or device including the quantity;

(2) the date of shipment and receipt;

(3) the name of consignor and consignee; and

(4) any other information, necessary for the enforcement of this act, as prescribed by the director.

(b) The Director shall have access to the records required in subsection (a) at any reasonable time to copy or make copies of those records solely for the purpose of carrying out the provisions of this act. Unless required for the enforcement of this act, the information shall be confidential and if summarized, shall not identify an individual person.

(c) Certified commercial applicators shall maintain records with respect to each application of restricted use pesticides. Commercial applicator records shall include:

(1) brand and common name of pesticide product applied;

(2) EPA registration number;

(3) type of formulation;

(4) percent active ingredient;

(5) scientific or common name of target pest, and purpose of application;

(6) dilution rate;

(7) total amount of pesticide used;

(8) total area covered;

(9) date of application;

(10 address of location of treated site;

(11) name of certified applicator and his certification number; and

(12) any other information that the Director considers necessary.

(d) The records required in subsection (c) shall be kept for a period of 2 years from the date of the application of the pesticide and the Director shall, upon request, be furnished with a copy of those records by the certified commercial applicator.

(e) The Director may by rule require commercial applicators to keep records on the use of any other pesticide.

History: 1979, PL 16-51 § 1.