24.1233 Violation-Penalties.

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(a) Any person violating any provisions of this chapter or rules adopted under it is guilty of a class B misdemeanor for the 1st violation. In any instance where a person was issued a warning in writing by the Director under this chapter, the person shall, upon conviction of that provision of this chapter, be guilty of a class A misdemeanor, provided that any offense committed more than 3 years after a written warning or a previous conviction shall be construed as a list offense and a class B misdemeanor.

(b) No Territorial court shall allow the recovery of damages from administrative action taken or for “stop sale, use, or removal” if the court finds that there was probable cause for that action.

History: 1979, PL 16-51 § 1, amd 1980, PL 16-69 § 2; 1980, PL 16-90 § 14.

Amendments: 1980 Subsection (a): deleted warning provision. Subsection (a): amended to conform with penalties provided for in Title 46, Criminal Justice.