24.2305 Administration of this chapter.

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(a) The Director of Marine and Wildlife Resources has the responsibility for the administration of this chapter.

(b) The Director is authorized and directed to:

(1) design and conduct periodic censuses and other studies of flying fox populations to monitor the status and provide the basis for future management of the populations;

(2) promulgate rules in accordance with 4.1001 et seq., not inconsistent with laws, as may be reasonably necessary and appropriate to establish bag limits on the private hunting of flying foxes, define the nurturing season of flying foxes, protect roosting areas and other areas of importance to flying foxes from disturbance, and otherwise accomplish the purposes of this chapter: and

(3) exercise all other powers not inconsistent with laws or rules as may be reasonably necessary or incidental to administration of this chapter.

History: 1986, PL 19-61 § 1.