25.0102 Duty of Director.

It shall be the duty of the Director to prepare and to enforce when directed by the Governor, regulations on the following subjects:

(1) prevention and control of public health nuisances:

(2) sanitary practices and quality controls for village and municipal water supplies:

(3) location of private water supplies;

(4) watersheds used for public water supplies;

(5) disposal of excreta, sewage, or other wastes;

(6) disposal of garbage and refuse;

(7) plumbing;

(8) rodent control and use of rodenticides;

(9) insect control and use of insecticides:

(10) pollution of seashore, streams, lakes, and other waters;

(11) drainage and impounded waters in connection with the control of arthropods of public health importance:

(12) production, handling, processing, and sale of food products and drinks;

(13) restaurants and all other places serving or preparing food or drinks for the public:

(14) food handlers:

(15) toilets and washrooms in all public places and places of employment:

(16) bathing and swimming places;

(17) public health requirements for publicly and privately owned schools, public buildings, airports, seaports, warehouses, storage areas, and serving of commercial carriers;

(18) all places used for the incarceration of prisoners and inmates of governmental institutions;

(19) control of communicable diseases and protection of the public health;

(20) health certificates for persons serving the public:

(21) control of rabies and other zoonosis;

(22) industrial hygiene;

(23) any other matter pertaining to public health in American Samoa.

History: 1972, PL 12-44 § 1.