25.0105 Powers and duties of pulenuu.

(a) It shall be one of the duties of the pulenuu to regularly and thoroughly inspect all portions of his village and all other areas within his jurisdiction for compliance with the applicable provisions of this title.

(b) The pulenuu shall have the authority to charge any person within his jurisdiction with failure to comply with any provision of this title or any regulations adopted under it. Such charge shall be filed with the district court in the village over which the pulenuu has jurisdiction if the violation charged is punishable by a village regulation in effect therein and adopted pursuant to the method for adopting village regulations as set forth in this Code. If the matter charged is not made punishable by any village regulation in the village in which the offense occurs, the pulenuu shall consult the Attorney General, who shall take appropriate action.

(c) The pulenuu shall also assist the Director in carrying out sanitation work within his jurisdiction, and he may request the advice and help of the Director on any sanitation problem within his jurisdiction.

History: 1972, PL 12-44 § 1.