25.0301 Required by certain persons.

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The following persons shall be examined by the Director of Health every 12 months and ob-tain from him a health certificate which shall state that such person has been examined and is free from all diseases dangerous to the public health:

(1) any person employed as a handler of food or drink or as a cashier in any restaurant, or at any carnival or fair, or as an employee of a caterer, or in any food establishment, or on any premises licensed for on-sale of alcoholic beverages under 27.0501 et seq., relating to alcoholic beverages, or in any hotel, cafe, bar, private club or public eating or drinking place, or in any public assembly where food or drink is sold or dispensed;

(2) any peddler of food or drink;

(3) any person employed in any barbershop or beauty shop;

(4) any other person in a category listed by the Governor in his discretion, by regulation.

History: 1972, PL 12-44 § 3.