25.0602 Sanitation of beverage and frozen dessert dispensers.

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(a) Any equipment or mechanical device used to sell or dispense soft drinks or other beverages, or ice cream or other frozen desserts, whether by bottle or by open cup, carton, or other container or wrapper, or popcorn or other food, shall be maintained and operated in a clean and sanitary manner, and so as to prevent the contamination of beverage or food sold or dispensed.

(b) The Director may order the owner, lessor, or operator of any equipment or device or the owner of the premises where any equipment or device is located, to close down, cease to operate or remove any equipment or devices which he deems to be unsanitary or dangerous to health, or take other such action as may be authorized in accordance with law.

History: 1972, PL 12-44 § 7.