25.2020 Fine for offense-Payment-Disposition.

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(a) The District Court may, unless otherwise specifically provided, impose a fine of :


first offense $50 $100

second offense $100 $200

third offense $400 $500

subsequent offenses $500 $1,000

(b) Additionally, or in lieu of fines, any person found guilty under this chapter may be ordered to pick up and remove solid waste, trash, and debris from public places, including streams and the seashores, under the direction of the Department of Public Safety.

(c) The District Court may order the imprisonment of any person guilty of a misdemeanor referred to in 25.2021.

(d) Any fine imposed under this title must be paid to the violations clerk within the time specified by the court not to exceed 14 days from the day the fine is imposed.

(e) All money collected by fines and costs under this chapter shall be paid to the Treasurer of American Samoa and placed by him into the general fund.

History: 1972, PL 12-44 § 8; amd 1979, PL 16-53 § 52; 1988, PL 20-85; amd 1992, PL 22-24; 2001, PL 27-8.

Amendments: 1979 Subsections (a), (b): substituted references to District Court for references to public health court, and in (b), deleted provision that High Court, but not lower court could order imprisonment.