26.0317 General commercial zones, Cl.

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The uses permitted in general commercial zones are:

(1) any use permitted in the Rl, R2 and C2 zones;

(2) wholesale and retail stores, shops and businesses;

(3) amusement enterprises;

(4) automobile service stations, public automobile parking areas and public garages (not including automobile repair shops):

(5) bakeries;

(6) hospitals and clinics;

(7) laundries and dry cleaners;

(8) offices, business or professional, and banks;

(9) personal service shops, including barbershops, beauty parlors and the like;

(10) public utility buildings and uses, including fire and police stations, telephone exchanges, electric distributing substations and the like;

(11) repair shops and service shops, including shoe repair shops, plumbing shops, dressmaking shops and the like, but not including automobile repair shops;

(12) restaurants and cafes;

(13) studios;

(14) other uses which in the judgment of the Board, as evidenced by a resolution in writing, are similar to those listed in this section;

(15) uses customarily accessory to any of the above uses, including only those accessory to manufacturing, compounding or processing activities as are necessary for the ordinary conduct of the listed uses and which are an integral part thereof;

(16) accessory buildings and structures;

(17) public vehicle parking areas.

History: 1965, PL, 9-19.