26.0319 Limited industrial zones, Ml.

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(a) The uses permitted in limited industrial zones are:

(1) any use permitted in the Cl zone;

(2) the manufacturing, compounding, processing or treating of such products as bakery goods, drugs, cosmetics, and food products (not including fish and meat products or the rendering of fats and oils);

(3) the manufacturing, compounding, assembling or treating of articles or merchandise from previously prepared materials;

(4) automobile repair shops, including painting, body and fender work and rebuilding; truck and tractor repairing; and tire retreading;

(5) bottling and packing plants;

(6) ceramic products manufacturing.

(7) machine shops, welding shops and sheet-metal shops;

(8) warehouses and cold storage plants;

(9) lumber yards, building material sales yards, contractors’ equipment storage yards and the like;

(10) other uses which in the judgment of the Board, as evidenced by a resolution in writing, are similar to those listed in this section;

(11) uses customarily accessory to any of the above-listed uses, and accessory buildings and structures.

(b) The uses listed in subsection (a) must be conducted within a building, or within an area enclosed by a fence or wall at least 6 feet in height, except for necessary gates.

History: 1965. PL, 9-19.