26.0502 Signs allowed without permit.

The following signs shall be allowed without permit:

(1) any sign attached to, painted upon, or otherwise placed upon a building where the business announced or advertised is actually carried on, or the product announced or advertised is actually manufactured, assembled, or sold, or the service announced or advertised is actually available, or the event announced will actually take place. No such sign may project higher than the highest point of the building nor wider than the widest point of the building to which it is attached;

(2) any sign painted upon any vehicle used as a bus or a taxi for the sole purpose of identify-ing the owner or operator of the service, either by words or appropriate pictures or symbols;

(3) signs erected and maintained by the Government of American Samoa or any agency or instrumentality thereof;

(4) temporary signs, which shall mean any sign, banner, pennant, or advertising display constructed of cloth, canvas, light fabric, cardboard, or other light material, and not to be dis-played for more than 72 hours;

(5) memorial signs or tablets, including the names of buildings and dates of construction, when such are cut into any masonry surface or constructed of bronze or other noncombustible materials;

(6) signs denoting the architect, engineer or contractor, when placed upon work under construction and not exceeding 16 square feet in area;

(7) signs informing people to keep off private property.

History: 1965, PL, 9-10, 1970, PL, 11-104.