27.0205 License applications.

All license applications must be submitted on forms prescribed by the Governor or Commission and must contain the following information:

(1) name of business;

(2) type of business to be conducted;

(3) type of business organization;

(4) names, ages, and residences of principals involved in the business;

(5) location of business;

(6) endorsement of a licensing or examining authority having jurisdiction over the trade, business, or occupation;

(7) proof of bank accounts or financial statements, or both, for verification of capital invest-ments upon request by the licensing authority;

(8) proof of issuance of stock certificates verifying ownership, if the applicant is a corporation; and

(9) any other information required by the Governor or Commission.

History: 1975, PL 14-4 § 2; amd 1982, PL 17-35 § 1.

Amendments: 1982 Introductory paragraph and subsections (6) and (7) amended; subsections (8) and (9) added.