27.0211 Renewal of license.

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(a) A licensee may renew his license at the expiration thereof by payment of license fee and by filing with the renewal application an affidavit, subject to the penalties of perjury, that he has continued to comply with all of the prerequisites and qualifications provided by law and rules and regulations which were certified by the proper departments of the government in the application for his original license. The renewing licensee may not be required to obtain the approval of the government or any department or agency thereof regarding the application of the zoning law of the Territory of American Samoa to the licensee’s business premises; provided, that the licensed business is located upon the identical premises upon which it was located on the date of the issuance of the previous license.

(b) A licensee who fails to renew his license on or before 31 December of each year shall be assessed a penalty of $2 per day for which he is delinquent, which penalty shall become part of the renewal fee. Any licensee who fails to renew his license on or before 30 January shall be required to discontinue his business until he renews the license or be subject to an injunction issued by the High Court of American Samoa and to prosecution under 27.0219. Failure to renew while continuing the operation of a business constitutes a refusal of and failure to obtain a license under the provisions of this chapter.

History: 1975, PL 14-4 § 2; amd 1981, PL 17-24 § 1.