27.0703 Statement of applicable warranties-Penalty.

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(a) Automobile dealers and retailers of major appliances worth over $150 at the time of sale must inform the consumer purchaser at the time of sale whether any warranties apply to the automobile or major appliance. If any warranty applies to such automobile or major appliance, the automobile dealer or retailer of major appliances must supply such warranty in writing to the consumer purchaser at the time of sale. If no warranty is applicable then that fact must be conspicuously displayed on the sales invoice.

(b) Any allowable conditions imposed upon a consumer purchaser in order to make a claim under an applicable warranty must be stated in a conspicuous manner on the same form on which the warranty is provided.

(c) The Director of the Bureau of Consumer Protection shall enforce this law in any court of appropriate jurisdiction by seeking civil penalties or injunctive relief and any additional relief for the complainant under chapter 04, Title 27.

(d) Civil penalties for violation of this section shall as follows:

(1) first offense, $50:

(2) second offense, $100;

(3) third or more offenses, not less than $350 nor more than $500 for each offense.

History: 1985, PL 19-28 § 1.