27.0904 Penalties and remedies.

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(a) In addition to all other remedies provided by the American Samoa Code Annotated, the Court shall impose a civil penalty of not more than $1,000 per violation with an aggregate total not to exceed $25,000 for any 24-hour period against any person, contractor, business or other entity who violates the provisions of this chapter. An additional suspension of license after the second offense shall be imposed. All penalties assessed and collected shall be transferred to the Bureau of Consumer Protection of the Department of Legal Affairs to further consumer protection efforts.

(b) Any person who is found to have violated this chapter shall be guilty of a Class A misdemeanor for each violation.

(c) The remedies and penalties provided by this section are cumulative to each other and the remedies and penalties available under all other laws of American Samoa.

(d) It is a violation of this chapter if a person offers for sale or rent any commodity at an unconscionable price during this period immediately preceding and during the effectiveness of a declaration of a state of emergency declared by a competent authority.

(e) Nothing in this chapter creates a private cause of action in favor of any person damaged by a violation of this chapter.

History: 2006, PL 29-22.