27.1005 Customs entry and declaration.

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(a) All passengers and crew members regardless of citizenship must make a customs entry and declaration upon arrival in American Samoa. All articles and merchandise acquired abroad and their value (price actually paid for, or, if not purchased, fair retail value in the Territory) must be declared in writing. Written declarations must be signed and presented to the customs officer on duty before examination pursuant to the inspection.

(b) A passenger or crew member, required by this section to make customs entry and declaration, shall be cleared by a customs officer only if the passenger or crew member has completed the form required under 27.1005(a) above.

(c) To facilitate inspection, the prescribed form for making customs entry and declaration shall be printed in both the English and the Samoan languages.

(d) The captain of an aircraft, the master of a vessel, other crew members, the operator of the carrier or vessel, or its agent, and all individuals who willfully allow any other individuals to conceal any item brought on board with the intention to violate the laws of American Samoa, shall be punished with a fine and/or imprisonment equal to the maximum penalty provided by the law which the individual(s) intended to violate.

History: 2008, PL 30-36.