27.1040 Violation-Penalty.

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Except as elsewhere provided, any person convicted of violating or attempting to violate any provision in this chapter is guilty of a class A misdemeanor and upon conviction shall be sentenced accordingly; and all goods or vessels in any way connected with any breach or attempted breach of any provision in this chapter may be seized by a customs officer and in accordance with the provisions of this chapter. In addition to or lieu of the criminal penalties imposed, a fine up to the amount of $10,000.00 may be assessed.

History: 1963, PL 8-1;amd 1980, PL 16-90 § 34; amd 1987, PL 20-29 § 18; 2008, PL 30-36.

Amendments: 1980 Amended to conform with penalties provided for in Title 46, Criminal Justice.

1987 Added language before “a person”; replaced “regulation” with “provision”, “shall be” with “is”, “Port Director” with “Treasurer”; added “shall be” after “upon conviction”.