27.2605 Application for certificate of foreign investment.

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(a) Any foreign investor, indigenous resident, or United States organizer may apply for a certificate of foreign investment by submitting an application to the Director. The application must include the following information:

(1) the applicant’s:

(A) name, age, place of residence, nationality and birth;

(B) business history;

(C) medical history;

(D) record of any felony arrests or convictions;

(E) spouse, dependents and all other business partners in the proposed enterprise.

(2) a detailed description of the proposed enterprise which includes:

(A) the form of business and the amount of the foreign investment;

(B) the exact nature of the operations of the enterprise;

(C) the expected number of local residents to be employed;

(D) the expected duration of the enterprise;

(E) the demands on local utilities and public services and ability to provide self-generated utilities or acceptable waste disposal service;

(F) the planned training program for local resident employees, if any;

(G) the amount of capital, in whatever form, to be invested by the applicant which is the personal property of the applicant, and the amount of equity ownership available to American Samoa residents;

(H) the amount of financing needed to begin operations of the enterprise and the sources of the financing;

(I) the number of non-local residents expected to be employed by the enterprise;

(J) information on the likely ecological impact on the Territory;

(K) other information the applicant desires to include to demonstrate a positive impact on the criteria listed in section 27.2606.

History: 1988, PL 20-80; amd 1991, PL 22-11.