28.0105 Capital investment-Loan guarantees.

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(a) The capital of the Bank, together with all funds and credits that it may obtain from any loans, credits, grants, or other advances from the United States Government, or any related instrumentality empowered to make funds available to the Bank or any international finance institution or from private financial institutions that may provide loans or credits to the Bank, shall be available for investment by the Bank whether in the form of loans or stock in enterprises controlled by private individuals, partnerships, or corporations engaged in business or industry of whatever nature, that are deemed to conform to the objectives of furthering the economy of American Samoa except as may be limited by subsection (b). The loans or stock investments and all temporary short term investments must be made on the terms and conditions that the management of the Bank may determine and shall be approved by the Board of Directors and must be based on prudent and sound business judgment, as to the capacity of the prospective borrowers to repay, and all stock investments made where, in the judgment of the board, the prospects of successful operation of the business or industry seem warranted. The loans or credits authorized by this section may be only to qualified borrowers who are American Samoans or permanent residents of American Samoa.

(b) The Bank may guarantee loans or equipment leases by qualified lenders or equipment leasing firms, and it may guarantee construction performance bonds by bonding companies to entities fully or majority owned or controlled by American Samoans who although having rea-sonable assurance of repayment, do not qualify for loans, leases, or performance bonds under the requirements imposed by the original lender, lessor or bonding agency. The guarantees by the Bank may not exceed in the aggregate at any one time a total of fifty percent (50%) of the capital and surplus (excluding undivided profits) of the Bank; nor may the aggregate of Bank loans to and guarantees for any person or entity, or group of persons or entities with a common ownership, business, or financial interest, exceed 10% of the Bank’s capital and surplus unless the loan or the performance of a contract is secured directly or under right of assumption of col-lateral property, tangible or intangible, carrying a written and expert appraisal of at least 35 percent in excess of the amount guaranteed. All guarantees shall be approved by the Bank’s Board of Directors. In making guarantees and thus assuming contingent liability, the Bank shall, consistent with conservative Banking principles, keep at all times a portion of its capital funds invested in securities of the Treasury or other agencies of the United States.

(c) Commercial, or non-residential, guarantees under this section shall not exceed 90 percent of the loan amount or the total encumbrance granted to secure such loan and guarantee, whichever is less.

(d) Guarantees of home loans under this section may, in the discretion of the Bank Board of Directors, exceed 90% of the loan amount, provided that such loan and guarantee is fully secured and collateralized by the home to be constructed or improved.

History: 1972, PL 12-67 § 2, 3; amd 1973, PL 13-28 § 1, 2; 1978, PL 15-78; 1980, PL 16-81 § 1; amd 1987, PL 20-21 § 1; amd 2007, PL 30-4.

Amendments: 1973 Subsection (a): amended generally.

Subsection (b): deleted provisions relating to investment of capital funds by Bank.

1978 Subsection (b): amended generally.

1980 Subsection (b): added “of the total encumbrance granted” to next to last sentence.

1987 Replaced “Loans” with “Loan guarantees” in section title. Subsection (b): replaced language concerning loan guarantees with clarifying language and required approval of all guarantees. Subsections (c) and (d): added.

Case Notes:

Common stock issued by government corporation to a Bank in exchange for retirement of debt was not improper and was within authority of corporation’s board of directors. Fa’atiliga v. Lutali, 3 A.S.R.2d 139 (1986).