29.0307 Suspension or revocation-Mandatory grounds.

(a) The Commissioner shall refuse to continue, or shall suspend or revoke, an insurer’s certificate of authority if:

(1) as a foreign insurer, it no longer meets the requirements for the authority, or as a domestic insurer, it has failed to cure an impairment of required capitalization within the time allowed therefor by the Commissioner;

(2) the insurer knowingly exceeds its charter powers or powers granted under its certificate of authority; or

(3) as a foreign or alien insurer, its certificate of authority to transact insurance is suspended or revoked in its domicile.

(b) Except in cases of impairment of required capitalization or suspension or revocation by another domicile as referred to in paragraph (a) (3), the Commissioner shall refuse, suspend, or revoke the certificate of authority only after a hearing granted to the insurer unless the insurer waives the hearing in writing.

History: 1974, PL 13-58 § 1.