29.0310 Suspension-Duration-Insurer’s obligations-Reinstatement.

(a) Suspension of an insurer’s certificate of authority shall be for such period as the Commissioner specifies in the order of suspension, but not to exceed 1 year for any 1 suspension order. During the suspension, the Commissioner may rescind or shorten the suspension by his further order.

(b) During the suspension period, the insurer shall not solicit or write any new business, but shall file its annual statement and pay fees, licenses, and taxes as required under the insurance law, and may service its business already in force, as if the certificate of authority had continued in full force.

(c) Upon expiration of the suspension period, if within that period the certificate of authority has not terminated, the insurer’s certificate of authority automatically shall reinstate unless the Commissioner finds that the causes of the suspension have not terminated, or that the insurer is otherwise not in compliance with the requirements of the insurance law, and the Commissioner shall give the insurer notice thereof not less than 30 days in advance of the expiration of the suspension period.

(d) Upon reinstatement of the insurer’s certificate of authority, the authority of its agents to represent the insurer shall likewise reinstate. The Commissioner promptly shall notify the insurer and its agents of record in the division of the reinstatement. If pursuant to 29.0309, the Commissioner has published notice of suspension, in like manner he shall publish notice of the reinstatement.

History: 1974, PL 13-58 § 1.