29.1526 Change of interest.

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(a) Except in the cases herein specified, and in the cases of life and disability insurance, a change of interest in any part of a subject insured, unaccompanied by a corresponding change of interest in the insurance, suspends the insurance to an equivalent extent until the interest in the subject and the interest in the insurance are vested in the same person.

(b) A change of interest in a subject insured after the occurrence of an injury which results in a loss does not affect the right of the insured to indemnity for the loss.

(c) A change of interest in one or more of several distinct subjects separately insured by one policy does not avoid the insurance as to the others.

(d) A change of interest by will or succession, on the death of the insured, does not avoid insurance; and his interest in the insurance passes to the person taking his interest in the subject matter insured.

(e) In the case of partners, joint owners, or owners in common, who are jointly insured, a transfer of interest by one to another thereof does not avoid insurance even though it has been agreed that the insurance shall cease upon an alienation of the subject insured.

History: 1974, PL, 13-58 § 1.