3.0401 Composition.

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Each village shall have a village court consisting of an associate judge of the High Court. The Chief Justice shall assign associate judges to be responsible for conducting court sessions in 1 or more villages. From time to time, as the number of cases awaiting trial requires, the responsible associate judge shall convene the village court to try those matters outstanding.

History: 1969, PL 11-54; 1971, PL 12-16 § 1; amd 1979, PL 16-28 § 17, PL I6-52 § 2.

Amendments: 1979 Redesignated the district courts as village courts; substituted “an associate judge of the High Court” for “a village magistrate” in the first sentence, and added second and third sentences

Case Notes:

There is no provision of the American Samoa Code which gives any court in the Territory, or any division or department of any court, either expressly or by implication, in rem admiralty and maritime jurisdiction. Vessel Fijian Swift v Trial Division, 4 ASR 983 (1975).