3.0501 Family, Drug and Alcohol Court Division—Establishment.

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Notwithstanding the current statutes providing for the jurisdiction of certain cases before the trial division of the High Court or before District Court, the Chief Justice may establish by rule or order of both, a Family, Drug, and Alcohol Court Division within the High Court for an indefinite period and transfer any or all such cases as authorized by this statute to that division to be heard and decided. The purpose of this court division is to provide a single venue to comprehensively address all matters affecting families, from juvenile offenses to domestic violence and adoptions to divorce and child support. The Court shall also address in its sentences relating to cases involving violence or alcohol or drug use, appropriate rehabilitation programs, close monitoring, and graduated sanctions to minimize levels of repeat offenders.

History: 2000, PL 26-31; 2007, PL 30-1.