3.0503 Registries, protective orders and administration and funding.

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(a) The Chief Justice may, by order or rule or both, establish such central registries as are necessary to comply with applicable federal laws for domestic violence protective orders, both foreign and those issued locally, and foreign and locally issued child support orders.

(b) The Chief Justice may, by rule or order or both, provide for the issuance of protective orders for victims of domestic abuse through an expedited hearings process on such forms in English and Samoan as the Court may provide. Emergency, ex parte protective orders shall be accompanied by a notice of a court hearing on the order to be held within 72 hours of the issuance of such order.

(c) The Chief Justice may authorize the application, acceptance, administration and accounting of any federal or other funding available for the operation, facilities, equipment, staffing and support services for the Family, Drug, and Alcohol Court Division.

History: 2000, PL 26-31; 2007, PL 30-1.