30.0101 Definitions.

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As used in this chapter and Chapters 30.02 and 30.03:

(a) “Articles of Incorporation” includes both the original articles of incorporation and any and all amendments thereto, except in those instances where the context expressly refers to the original articles of incorporation only.

(b) “Corporation” unless otherwise expressly provided refers only to a domestic corporation.

(c) “Directors” includes persons designated in the articles as such and persons designated, elected or appointed by any other name or title to act as directors.

(d) “Foreign corporation” means a corporation for profit organized under laws other than the laws of American Samoa.

(e) “Governor”, “Attorney General”, “Treasurer”, and “Territorial Registrar” mean, respectively, the Governor of American Samoa, the Attorney General of American Samoa, the Treasurer of American Samoa, and the Territorial Registrar of American Samoa, or their authorized representatives.

(f) “Incorporator” includes each person signing the articles of incorporation.

History: 1962, PL 7-20; 1968, PL 10-6