30.0202 Articles of incorporation-Contents-Filing.

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(a) The incorporators shall adopt, sign, and acknowledge articles of incorporation stating the name by which the corporation shall be known, the location of its principal office or place of business, its business or objects, the number of trustees, directors, managers or other officers to conduct the same, the name thereof for the first year, the time of its annual meeting and annual meetings of its trustees or directors, and the manner in which the articles may be amended.

(b) The articles of incorporation must be filed with the Treasurer, who shall, if he approves the same, endorse his approval thereon and thereafter forward the same to the Territorial Registrar, who shall record them: and upon such recording, they must be returned to the corporation.

(c) The articles may not be filed by the Treasurer until a filing fee of $5 is paid, and upon the payment of the fee and the approval of the articles by the Treasurer, he shall issue to the corporation a certificate of incorporation as a corporation not for pecuniary profit.

History: 1962, PL 7-20; 1968, PL 10-64.