31.0322 Refusal to notarize.

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(a) A notary shall not refuse to perform a notarial act based on the principal’s race, advanced age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, health or disability, or status as a non-client or non-customer of the notary or the notary’s employer.

(b) A notary shall perform any notarial act described in section 31.0320(a) or (b) of this chapter for any person requesting such an act who tenders the appropriate fee specified in section 31.0330(a), unless:

(1) the notary knows or has good reason to believe that the notarial act or the associated transaction is unlawful;

(2) the act is prohibited under section 31.0320(c);

(3) the number of notarial acts requested practicably precludes completion of all acts at once, in which case the notary shall arrange for later completion of the remaining acts; or

(c) A notary may but is not required to perform a notarial act outside the notary’s regular workplace or business hours.

History: 2008, PL 30-18.