31.0342 General acknowledgment.

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A notary shall use a certificate in substantially the following form in notarizing the signature or mark of persons acknowledging for themselves or as partners, corporate officers, attorneys in fact, or in other representative capacities:

Territory of American Samoa

County of ________________

On this __________ day of ________________, 20______, before me, the undersigned notary, personally appeared _________________________ (name of document signer),

(personally known to me)

(proved to me through identification documents allowed by law, which were ____________________,)

(proved to me on the oath or affirmation of _________________, who is personally known to me and stated to me that (he) (she) personally knows the document signer and is unaffected by the document,)

(proved to me on the oath or affirmation of ______________ and ______________, whose identities have been proven to me through documents allowed by law and who have stated to me that they personally know the document signer and are unaffected by the document,)

to be the person whose name is signed on the preceding or attached document, and acknowledged to me that (he) (she) signed it voluntarily for its stated purpose(.)

(as partner for __________________, a partnership.)

(as ______________ for ________________, a corporation)

(as attorney in fact for _________________, the principal.)

(as _____________ for _________________, (a)(the) ___________________.)


(official signature and seal of notary)

History: 2008, PL 30-18.