31.0352 Change of name.

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(a) Within 10 days after the change of notary’s name by court order or marriage, the notary shall send to the Secretary by any means providing a tangible receipt or acknowledgment, including certified mail and electronic transmission, a signed notice of the change, giving both former and new names, with a copy of any official authorization for such change.

(b) A notary with a new name shall continue to use the former name in performing notarial acts until the following steps have been completed, at which point the notary shall use the new name:

(1) the notice described in subsection (a) has been delivered or transmitted;

(2) a Confirmation of Notary’s Name or Address Change has been received from the Secretary; and

(3) a new seal bearing the new name exactly as in the Confirmation has been obtained.

History: 2008, PL 30-18.