31.0501 Definitions.

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When used in this chapter:

(a) “Administrator” means the Contractors’ License administrator.

(b) “Board” means the Contractors’ License Board of American Samoa.

(c) “Contractor” means any person, firm, copartnership, corporation, association, or other organization, or any combination of any thereof, who for a fixed sum, price fee, percentage or other compensation other than wages, undertakes with another for the construction, alteration, repair, addition to, or improvement of any building, highway, road, excavation, or other structure, project, development or improvement, other than personality, or any part thereof. The term includes anyone who builds more than 1 structure on his own property during any 1 year for the purpose of sale and also any subcontractor, but does not include anyone who merely furnished materials or supplies without making the same into that which is to be constructed or using the same in the performance of the work of the contractor. The term also includes any person who by advertising, or otherwise, holds himself out as a contractor, but does not include persons regularly engaged as maintenance personnel to do casual, isolated, or incidental repairs.

History: 1969, PL 11-38.