31.0513 Grounds for refusal, revocation, suspension, modification, or limitation of license.

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(a) A license may be refused, revoked, suspended, modified, or limited for any 1 or combination of the following grounds:

(1) abandonment of any contract without legal excuse;

(2) diversion of funds or property received under agreement for the prosecution or completion of a specific contract, or for a specific purpose in the prosecution of completion of any contract, and the application or use thereof for any other contract, obligation, or purpose;

(3) fraudulent departure from or disregard of plans or specifications in any material respect without consent of the owner; or any fraudulent act which substantially injures another;

(4) willful and deliberate violation of any applicable building code requirement or safety law;

(5) failure to substantially comply with any qualification or requirement in this chapter or in any regulation promulgated under this chapter.

(b) On his own motion, or on the complaint of any person, the Administrator may, after investigation, modify, limit, suspend, or revoke any license issued under this chapter for any 1 or combination of the grounds in (a) of this section.

History: 1969, PL 11-38.