31.0705 Persons and trades covered by chapter.

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(a) This chapter shall pertain to all individuals desiring to obtain certificates as carpenters, plumbers, painters, electricians, masons, millwrights, welders, tinsmiths, tile setters, cabinetmakers, radio/tv repairmen, refrigeration air conditioning repairmen, draftsmen, auto mechanics, sheet-metal men and such other trades as the Board may, by rule or regulation, from time to time determine should be within the purview of this chapter. This chapter applies to those tradesmen who wish to perform services for hire on an hourly, daily or other basis, including a contractual agreement, but does not apply to laborers working under the supervision of qualified tradesmen or tradesmen contractors.

(b) All specialty contractors or general contractors shall perform only services as are permitted by the certificates of the tradesmen in their employ.

(c) This chapter shall apply to tradesmen in the employ of the Government of American Samoa.

History: 1971, PL, 12-21 § 6.