31.0708 Refusal, revocation, suspension, modification, and limitation of certificates.

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A certificate provided for in this chapter may be refused, revoked, suspended, modified, or limited for any one or combination of the following grounds:

(1) conviction of a crime in connection with the trade practiced by tradesmen licensed under this chapter; the record of conviction or certified copy thereof by the clerk of the court or judge in whose court the conviction is obtained shall be conclusive evidence of the conviction;

(2) willful and deliberate violation of applicable law or duly promulgated rules and regulations of the Board concerning practice of a trade;

(3) fraud or misrepresentation in obtaining a certificate under this chapter;

(4) aiding and abetting the practice of any trade by any person not authorized to practice the trade under the provisions of this chapter;

(5) negligence or incompetence demonstrated in the practice of a trade or occupation subject to the provisions of this chapter.

History: 1971, PL, 12-21 § 9.