31.1003 Health Services Regulatory Board-Composition-Quorum and votes-Term.

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(a) The Board is composed of the Director of Health, who shall act as chairman, and, in addi-tion, the Governor shall appoint to the Board 1 physician, the public health officer, the Director of Nursing Services, a medical officer, a dentist, a licensed practical nurse, and a representative from the American Samoa Community College nursing program. At least 50% of the Board, excluding the chairman, must be American Samoans.

(b) The presence of 4/5 of all members of the Board is necessary to constitute a quorum for the transaction of any business, and a majority vote of those present is necessary to determine any issue.

(c) Appointments made by the Governor may not exceed 3 years and must be staggered in order to insure continuity of the Board.

History: 1972, PL 12-61; amd 1978, PL 15-106 § 3.

Amendments: 1978 Subsection (i): changed composition of Board.