31.1005 Health Services Regulatory Board-Powers and duties.

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(a) The exclusive powers and duties of the Board are to:

(1) require committees to establish licensing regulations necessary for the maintenance of professional competence and ethical standards among persons involved in the particular area of health services in which the committee has expertise;

(2) issue or renew, refuse, limit, modify, suspend, or revoke any license issued by the Board;

(3) appoint committee members, provided that 1 member of the Board shall serve on each committee;

(4) upon matters referred by committees or any Board member, hold hearings, compel the attendance and testimony of witnesses; order production of documents and other tangible evidence and administer oaths;

(5) administer or cause to be administered examinations required by committees for licensing;

(6) set fees for examinations and licensing reasonably related to the cost thereof;

(7) adopt regulations promulgated by committees which pertain to a committee’s area of expertise and do not conflict with other regulations adopted by the Board.

(b) All powers and duties relating to the purpose of the Board not expressly reserved to the Board may be exercised by committees, or in the absence of a functioning committee, by the Board; provided, that where the Board and a committee are in disagreement on a particular matter the decision of the Board shall prevail.

History: 1972, PL 12-61.