31.1503 Licensing.

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(a) The Board shall issue a license for an operator or apprentice hairdresser or apprentice cosmetician to each person who furnishes the required certification that is a U.S. license or the certification is equivalent to a U.S. license, pays the proper fee, and meets all of the other requirements of this chapter.

(b) The certificate shall state specifically the occupation for which the person is licensed, be signed by the chairman of the Board, and be posted above the station of each person licensed.

(c) The Board shall establish reasonable license fees, not to exceed $25 a year, for operators, apprentice hairdressers, and apprentice cosmeticians.

(d) Licenses issued under this section expire each December 31st, but may be renewed upon application to and approval by the Board.

History: 1973, PL 13-5; amd 1983, PL 18-5 § 5; amd 2006, PL, 29-17.

Amendments: 1983 Added subsections (c) and (d) and changed “certificate” to “license” and “Office of the Governor” to “Board”.