31.1504 Licensure of operators.

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The Board shall determine the sufficiency of the preliminary qualifications of applicants for licensure. The following qualifications are sufficient:

(a) An operator may be licensed as a hairdresser and cosmetician provided the person is of good moral character; and

(1) is currently licensed to practice hairdressing and cosmetology in any state of the United States and has practiced as an operator for 3 out of the 5 years immediately preceding the application for licensure; or

(2) is licensed under paragraphs (1) and has successfully completed a Board approved refresher course at an accredited school within one year preceding application to the Board.

(3) Any amendment to this section shall not apply to or effect licenses issued prior to the effective date of any amendment or to the renewal of said licenses.

(b) A person may be licensed as an apprentice hairdresser or apprentice cosmetician if the Board determines an applicant has satisfied the following:

(1) a completed current application;

(2) a valid current license or certification from the United States or any country whose licensing standards are equivalent to that of the United States;

(3) a letter by a licensed operator of a salon, confirming the operator will sponsor the applicant, that the applicant person has been offered employment by a licensed operator, and the applicant will be working under the supervision of the operator; and

(4) two reference letters from residents of the Territory stating that applicant is of good moral character.

(c) The Board may conditionally license persons as operators who substantially comply with the qualifications under subsection (a).

History: 1973, PL 13-5; amd 1983, PL 18-5 § 6, amd 1999, PL 26-8; amd 2006, PL 29-17.

Amendments: 1983 Subsection (c) deleted and “registration” changed to “licensure” arid “Office of the Governor” changed to “Board.”