31.1505 Licensure of beauty salons.

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(a) A license for a beauty salon may be secured by filing an application with the Board and fulfilling the following requirements:

(1) that the salon meets the standards of sanitation required by the rules of the Department of Health, as certified by the Director of Medical Services;

(2) that there is a Board licensed operator working full time in the salon; and

(3) that it is adequately equipped for the practices in which it engages as certified by the Board.

(b) All licenses for salons expire on 31 December next following the date of issue, but may be renewed on the date of expiration.

(c) The annual license fee for salons is $25.

History: 1973, PL 13-5; amd 1983, PL 18-5 § 7.

Amendments: 1983 Subsection (c) added and “certificate” changed to “license” and “Office of the Governor” changed to “Board.”