31.1507 Grounds for refusal, revocation, or suspension of certificate.

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(a) The Board may refuse to grant, renew, reinstate, or restore any license required under this chapter, whether covering the licensure of an operator or beauty salon, apprentice hairdresser, or apprentice cosmetician, for any cause which could be grounds for revocation of a license under this section. The Board may, nevertheless, renew, reinstate, or restore any license when it determines that action is just and may be done consistently with the accomplishment of the purposes of this chapter.

(b) The Board may revoke or suspend any license, whether operator or beauty salon for any of the following causes:

(1) professional misconduct, gross carelessness, or manifest incapacity;

(2) conviction of a crime involving moral turpitude;

(3) violation of any of the provisions of this chapter or the rules promulgated pursuant thereto or any other law which applies to him in the occupation covered by the license;

(4) making any false representation or promise, through advertising or otherwise, or in any manner dealing fraudulently or dishonestly in the occupation covered by the license;

(5) habitual intemperance in use of alcoholic beverages or addiction to the use of narcotic drugs;

(6) failing to display the license as provided in this chapter.

History: 1973, PL 13-5; amd 1983, PL 18-5 § 8; amd 2006, PL 29-17.

Amendments: 1983 Amended to delete former paragraph (6) and to change “certificate” to “license” and “Office of the Governor” to “Board.”