32.0323 Maximum hours.

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(a) No employer may employ an employee in excess of 40 hours a week unless such employee receives compensation for employment in excess of such weekly hours, at a rate not less than 1 ½ times the regular rate at which he is employed.

(b) No employer may employ an employee over 14 hours in any one 24-hour period, except in case of extraordinary emergency.

History: 1965, PL 9-23, amd 1977, PL 15-14.

Amendment: 1977 subsection (d): substituted “40” for “48”

Case Notes:

Statutory provision for punitive damages for willful failure to pay overtime wage rates is applicable whether or not the ordinary wage rate is determined by contract. A.S.C.A. §§ 32.0323, 32.0340. Moea`i v. Reid, 9 A.S.R.2d 48 (1988).