32.0515 Fund for payment of compensation to employees of territorial government.

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(a) There is authorized to be established, out of any money in the Treasury of American Samoa not otherwise appropriated, a fund sufficient to secure compensation payments under this chapter and Chapter 32.06 in respect of employees of the government.

(b) The Treasurer of American Samoa shall be the custodian of the fund and is authorized to disburse moneys from it only upon order of the Commission.

(c) The Treasurer shall deposit any moneys appropriated or paid into the fund into such depository banks as the Commission may designate, and may invest any portion of the funds which in the opinion of the Commission is not needed for current requirements in bonds or notes of the United States or of any federal land bank.

(d) The account for such fund shall be subject to audit in accordance with established government auditing procedure, but the action of the Commission in making payments from such fund shall be final and are not subject to review

(e) With respect to government employees, the Commission may authorize direct compensation payments from such fund or, if it deems it desirable, insure and keep insured the payment of such compensation with any stock company or mutual company or association.

History: 1967, PL 10-15.