32.0516 Special fund for payment of compensation for injury increasing preexisting disability and for maintenance of those undergoing vocational rehabilitation.

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(a) There is established a special fund for the purpose or making payments in accordance with the provisions of 32.0613 and 32.0615.

(b) The fund shall be administered by the Commission.

(c) The Treasurer of American Samoa shall be the custodian of the fund, and all moneys and securities in the fund shall be held in trust by the Treasurer and are not the money or property of the government,

(d) The Treasurer is authorized to disburse moneys from the fund only upon order of the Commission,

(e) Payments into the fund shall be made as follows:

(l) Each employer shall pay $1,000 as compensation for the death of an employee or such employer resulting from injury where the Commissioner determines that there is no person entitled, under this chapter or Chapter 32.06, to compensate for such death.

(2) All amounts collected as fines and penalties under the provisions of this chapter and Chapter 32.06 shall be paid into the fund.

(f) The Treasurer shall deposit any moneys paid into the fund into such depository banks as the Commission may designate and may invest any portion of the funds which, in the opinion of the Commission, is not needed for current requirements, in bonds or notes of the United States or of any federal land bank.

(g) Neither the government nor the Commission is liable for payments authorizes under 32.0613 and 32.0615 in an amount greater than the money or property deposited in or belonging to the fund,

(h) The account for the fund shall be subject to audit in accordance with established government auditing procedure, but the action of the Commission in making payments from such fund shall be final and not subject to review.

History: 1967 PL 10-15.