32.0558 Transfer or destruction of property to avoid payment of compensation.

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(a) Any employer who knowingly transfers, sells, encumbers, assigns or in any manner disposes of, conceals, secretes, or destroys any property belonging to such employer, after one of his employees has been injured within the purview of this chapter and Chapter 32.06, with intent to avoid the payment of compensation under this chapter and Chapter 32.06 to such employee or his dependents, is guilty of a class A misdemeanor.

(b) Where such employer is a corporation, the president, secretary, and treasurer thereof shall be severally liable for such penalty or imprisonment as well as jointly liable with such corporation for such fine.

(c) This section shall not affect any other liability of the employer under this chapter and Chapter 32.06.

History: 1967, PL 10-15; amd 1980, PL 16-90 § 81

Amendments: 1980 Amended to conform with penalties provided for in Title 46, Criminal Justice.